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Harley Love is becoming one of the most sought-after tattoo artists after she blew up on social media. Unfortunately, the trolls are trying to destroy her career when it was revealed she was in a relationship with a married man… except she didn’t know he was married. And now his wife, a beloved influencer, has dragged her name. When Garret

Fox, the Tattoo King of the East, offered her a job, it was her chance to escape Vegas and hide out in a small town where no one knows who she is. But when her schedule continues to be open and an unexplainable incident points at trouble, she has no choice, but to tell her boss the truth.

As the bullying and attacks increase, she leans more on Garrett for support. But when that support amplifies her attraction to the gorgeous man, she struggles with falling for another man with a closed off heart.

Set in the coastal small town of Willow Cove, Tattooed Boss is a boss romance between a sexy tattoo shop owner and his curvy employee.