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Rebecca The Regio family ruined me. They took my family… I was broken, but I did something no one thought I could do and survive. With Andre’s help, I became the hunter and not the prey. He has always been there for me, but now it’s time for revenge, and nothing will stand in my way, not even the love for him I’ve tried hard to forget. I’m going to rewrite my own destiny. I no longer want to be the princess in the tower. I’m going to be the knight, taking the power back into my own hands.

Andre I’m the man that always has control. I’ve had to be. The only thing I can’t seem to control are my feelings for Rebecca. I’ve known her since we were kids. S

Sweet Lies (Dark Legacies #3) By Marie Scully – Free Ebooks Download

he is the light in endless darkness. Never truly seen or heard. I have always seen her, always wanted her. But I can never have her. When Elijah Rossi hired me to find his sister shocked is an understatement. Once more, she got herself into trouble that only I could help. But I need to be very careful, because the last thing I need is Elijah learning the truth…that I’ve known where she was for years.