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To battle his inner demons, he’ll call on the help from a new furry friend.

Beau Potter never thought forming the Hands of Justice LEMC with his best friend Oliver would be exactly what he needed to turn his life around. But it was. Riding alongside other law enforcement officials down the open road was exactly what he needed to give him a new outlook on life, and to take on his demons once and for all.

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No one knew he secretly was battling addiction, and sometimes took advantage of being the head of Reno’s drug task force to help feed his darkest desires when no one was looking. It would take a miracle to save him from himself. He just didn’t realize that the miracle would present itself as a pint-sized mini pincher who was battling a similar addiction.

Sniffed: Lemc (Hands Of Justice Lemc) By Quinn Ryder – Free Ebooks Download

Helping Atticus curb his strange behaviors kept Beau on his toes. Every time he’d show up at a drug bust, Atticus would already be there, nosing his way into situations he didn’t belong.

It wasn’t until Beau met the stray pup’s owner, the nerdy but beautiful Ayla Finch, that Beau realized just how special Atticus truly was. Not only was his sniffer the answer to Beau’s prayers, but the crazy lil’ pup just might have landed him the girl of his dreams without even trying.