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When doing the right thing endangers her life

Madeline Dawson has always had a crush on her best friend’s brother, Kaleb, but she won’t cross the line because, you know, “girlfriend code”.

The day she overhears a conversation, not meant for her ears, though, all bets are off. Now she’ll need Kaleb and his Navy SEAL skills to keep her safe.

All bets are off when his woman’s life is jeopardized Kaleb “Cricket” Balldock is happy with his life and his career–until he’s not. After seeing half his teammates find love, he’s ready for that next step in his life. Only one woman has ever piqued his interest but Madeline is his sister’s best friend and off limits–or so he thinks.

All it takes is one kiss and the threat of danger for Cricket to forget about his own rules, and go straight into protector mode. Destiny can’t be stopped But even being on guard doesn’t prevent Madeline from being taken. Cricket will do whatever’s necessary to save her and have the future they’re destined to have.