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PublisherPiper Lawson
File size458kb
Print length278 pages
CategoriesContemporary Romance

Rivals by Piper Lawson – eBook Story

Piper Lawson released a new ebook on January 26, 2023, called Rivals by Piper Lawson. In my opinion, this book was so freaking good I couldn’t put it down.

When the biggest rockstar in the world invited me into his home, there was one rule: Don’t touch his daughter.

For a kid from the wrong side of the tracks with no future, the offer should have been a dream come true. Classy new digs. A fancy prep school. Someone who cares what happens to me. Except for that rule. The rich pricks at my new school worship me. I couldn’t care less. She’s the one person who makes me feel worthwhile. I want to save her from the turmoil eating up her picture-perfect world.

But she thinks I’m her rival: for her friends, her future, her father’s love. I should keep my distance. Avoid rescuing her from the assholes at school. Definitely pretend I can’t see in her bedroom window from the pool house. There are only two obsessions my life—music…and her. All I have is my talent to set me free. But my future will burn if I can’t stay away.

Rivals is an epic, angsty romance featuring two people from opposite sides of the track forced together by a forbidden love that could cost them everything. One-click today and find out if the damaged boy in the pool house can be the happily ever after she’s looking for!

Note: If you have previously read A Love Song for Liars, A Love Song for Rebels, and a Love Song for Dreamers, the new RIVALS ebook also contains an extended epilogue short story.

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