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About One Last Time ePUB

PublisherT.J. Hamel
File size1217 kb
Print length357 pages
CategoriesContemporary Romance

One Last Time eBook Story

T.J. Hamel released a new ebook on January 27, 2023, called One Last Time. In my opinion, this book was like a car crash of a book I just couldn’t stop reading even though it was so incredibly bad. I normally don’t waste time on stories I am this annoyed by but something just kept me going to the last page and now I’m almost mad I finished it.

Everything about this does not work. The premise is laughably flimsy. There was zero effort or time spent on making the supposed trafficking organization believable. The whole organization has no structure that I can detect, the supposed organization Nathan works for is never named let alone do we find out who finances it or which government they are operating for this internationally.

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