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Jasmine Campbell may live on a paradise island, but she keeps her suitcase packed—ready to run at a moment’s notice.

She doesn’t correct her fellow islander’s assumptions that she’s some middle-aged woman recovering from relationship problems. No one knows the truth:

she’s running for her life from people who want her dead for witnessing a murder. Retired SEAL Cameron Burton knows there’s more to Heartbreak Key’s quiet new waitress than some sort of break up.

Jasmine’s Guardian (Never Too Late For Love) By Josie Jade, Regan Black – Free Ebooks Download

The haunted look she tries to conceal has all his protective instincts kicking into overdrive. She’s hiding something—something terrifying her—and there’s no way Cameron’s going to sit back and do nothing. Especially when the danger shows up on his island. He’ll prove to Jasmine it’s not too late for her to stop running. And it’s never too late for love…

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