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It’s all work and no play until the denizens of the underworld have had enough of the rain.

Goddess Hera Aarden lives in the underworld, enjoying her new life as the co-owner of the ButterNut Bakery. With her small side business of hand brewed potions, creams, and tinctures literally flying off the shelves, business is booming, which means Hera is too busy for much of a social life.

But she’s lonely and the one-night stands she used to go for just aren’t scratching that annoying itch anymore. The denizens of the underworld are fed up with the rainy season, so it’s time to shake things up, and the Goddess of Love and her toothy sidekick have just the thing to put the pep back in Hera’s step. There should be nothing but clear skies and sunshine ahead now!

Augustine McKellen and his two brothers have been dreaming of their fated mates, yet none are brave enough to do anything about it until August gives in and ventures out, eventually stumbling across the new speed dating at the DeLux Cafe. Even if the term “speed dating” implies something fast and furious, which isn’t really what he’s after, August has to get his old school dragon booty out there or he will never find his mate. Once he’s met the perfect woman for him, will she be able to accept his beastly side, scales and all?

Hera is book twenty in the Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld shared world series, filled with bold and beautiful goddesses, dashing gentleman dragon shifters, and more