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The grumpy dragon prince wants me to be his fake mate. He needs a queen to get his crown. I need to clear my name. So we strike a deal. I have only one condition for our fake marriage: I will not sleep with him. And the last thing I will do is break my own rule.

I swear it. It’s just a convenient arrangement, yet we need to make it believable. So we exchange innocent little kisses and touches, just for show. But our role-playing soon leads to passionate make out sessions. And you guessed it—I’m about to break my own rule.

Earth Dragon (Royal Dragons #4) By Sansa Moon – Free Ebooks Download

He doesn’t want to fall in love, and I want to protect my heart. Yet deep inside… I want him to peel away my scales to find my heart underneath. I want him to kiss away my pain and tell me this is no longer fake. But when he finds out the real secret I’ve been hiding, will he crush my heart?

Or will he claim it regardless?

Four Royal Dragons must find their mate to ascend the throne. All women bow to these superior, charismatic leaders who don’t bow to anyone themselves…until they meet their female match who softens their egos and awakens their wildest desires.