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Fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

At least, that’s my thought when my latest corpse comes into the funeral home. It wasn’t bad enough we had all the folks out front looking for some kind of supernatural enlightenment, now we have upset fans of one of the biggest music stars. No rest for the weary.

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Dirge For The Departed (Tales Of A Midlife Mortician #3) By Lisa Manifold – Free Ebooks Download

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If that wasn’t enough to be dealing with, the Coneys are still after me, for things I don’t even understand. While I’m determined to stick to my lane, for lack of a better phrase, they, and all the other magical people around me seem determined to drag me further into a world where I don’t belong. Oh, and I have a date.

With my tenant. It’s just another day at the Whithaven Funeral Home.

When it comes to the Whitehaven Funeral Home, the locals are just dying to get in. Hopefully, funeral director Janey Whithaven won’t be next. A paranormal women’s fiction series about being fabulous over forty because even morticians deserve magical midlife despite the bodies demanding private eye services in addition to a posthumous makeover.