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Bulldog — My club and my daughter are all I need; ain’t got time for anyone else. I especially don’t have time for a CPS chick to take my kid. Don’t care if the chick’s got family in the club or not. No one comes in and takes what isn’t there’s. And just like my kid, my heart ain’t up for the taking either.

Izzy — Having someone growl at me about my job isn’t new to me, more like a daily hazard. But what this guy needs to realize is that I don’t care that he’s the VP of a motorcycle club.

Bulldog (Hounds Of The Reaper Mc #2) By S.j. Rowe – Free Ebooks Download

Or that the club thinks I need protecting to prove themselves in a way. Nor does it matter that the guy makes every part of my body sizzle when he glares at me. I just care about making sure the girl isn’t hurt. Not like me. If I can save one kid from my fate, then I’ll do anything I have to. I just hope I don’t lose my heart in the process… or my life.

Bulldog is book 2 in Hounds of the Reaper MC series. Don’t miss out on what happens to these alpha males and the leading ladies they fall for. Trigger Warning: This book contains swearing, violence, and scenes that some readers may find uncomfortable. And lots of fun times between the sheets.