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Secrets unearthed, promises made, and brotherhood bonds broken …Less than three weeks ago, my life flipped on its axis. After infiltrating a world designed for men, my role in the brotherhood became more than I ever dared it could be. I had a mission: find out what happened to my best friend and destroy everyone who was involved with his disappearance.

Kingston. Cannon. These brothers are determined to help me unravel the tangled web of deceit and lies that has been spun around this house. As my final test approaches, our progress is stalled at every turn. The justice I seek has never seemed so far out of reach. The truth has two faces. One, we never saw coming.

Archer is a 104,000+ word novel, the third and final book in the Brothers of Hawthorne Hall trilogy, centering around three men and one woman. MMFM WARNING: This trilogy contains dark elements, graphic content, and situations that some readers may be particularly sensitive to. If you have triggers or are even remotely unsure, please check my website, which you can access through my author page, for a full list.